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Hands-On Practical Help with Your Books

  • Are you a bookkeeper with QuickBooks bookkeeping questions?
  • Are you a small business owner trying to save money by doing your own bookkeeping? 

I can help you with Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable clean-up, bank reconciliations, list clean-up, sales tax set-up, assistance with QuickBooks features and how to set it up so it will work best for you. I have extensive QuickBooks set-up skills, since I have worked with many different types of businesses (see my Testimonial page). And if you have payroll issues, I have ten years of payroll experience, including forensic payroll (rebuilding payroll records from documentation). Whatever issues you may have, it is likely that I have seen it before and can help you resolve it!

QuickBooks Setup and Training

  • Have you just purchased QuickBooks and find yourself bogged down trying to set up your books using only the tutorial?
  • Are you somewhat familiar with QuickBooks, but need to be able to tailor the program to your specific business needs?

In either case I can help you make the process of setup stress-free. I'm super friendly, I will never make you feel “dumb,” I'm absolutely confidential, and if I can't make bookkeeping actually fun for you, I can teach you to do it quickly so you can concentrate on the important things in life like making your business more profitable and maybe going out and having some real fun! I have a talent for making this program approachable, so try out my $25 for 20 Minutes Offer so I can start helping you solve your QuickBooks problems!

Answering Specific QB and Bookkeeping Questions

During numerous client consultations, I have found that the majority of bookkeeping issues and QuickBooks questions can be resolved relatively quickly. If you are trying to figure out why your bank balance is off, why your payroll taxes are overpaid, why a customer account shows a balance due when you know it has been paid in full, and so many more “little” problems that may occur, a short session with me will help you get it all straight.