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What clients have to say about my services:

“We have had a business relationship with Pam Johnston since 2001 when she helped us shed a cumbersome and confusing accounting system. She trained us on an excellent new system in a few hours and has helped us resolve the few problems encountered in a pleasant and efficient manner. The new system is so capable that we only need Pam’s services to do our quarterly Sales Taxes, and her rates are comparatively low. We highly recommend her services to anyone in need of QuickBooks help.”
–Rodger Peoples, A-1 Compressor Company  

“I was hired to do the bookkeeping for a real estate company and did not have previous bookkeeping experience. Pam Johnson was my trainer. Pam made learning easy and was extremely knowledgeable. Pam was always available by telephone and whenever she did not answer her telephone she always called me right back. Her expertise in QuickBooks is extremely sophisticated. I would highly recommend her for training and if I had to do training in QuickBooks again I would absolutely request Pam.”
–Lettisia Peterson

“Pam, you have been great to work with, your understanding and lively outgoing spirit is uplifting and calming. Thank you for helping us through the difficult time of being between QuickBooks and no books, your complete knowledge of the system has shined a light into the dark corners and has guided us through to the other side of the balance sheet.”
–Jim Foley, Real Estate Remodeling

“Pam helped me set up QuickBooks Pro for my business several years ago and I have saved a tremendous amount of time from doing manual billing. I had no idea there were so many wonderful features that could save so much time.  Pam’s positive energy, skill and knowledge, as well as her support and professionalism are wonderful. I enjoy working with Pam and highly recommend her services.”
–Cynthia, WebNet Express

“Pam taught me (in layman's terms) how to understand QuickBooks and to successfully manage my day-to-day business. Pam helped me establish business practices that I continue to use today. I would recommend Pam’s services to anyone looking for a QuickBooks whiz.  She's great!
–Carolyn Cole-Schweizer, Henry’s Flowers