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To Set Up a Meeting:
Call me at 707-578-3540, or send an e-mail to meeting@askpam.biz with your name, phone number, and let me know if you would like a return e-mail or a call back. This is a complimentary first contact where we will discuss your needs, and set a time for our on-line meeting (using GOTOMEETING). I use the telephone for conferencing and if you do not want to pay the telephone cost, I will be more than happy to call you ANYWHERE IN THE U.S. including Hawaii and Alaska. If you have a substantial amount of work, the other option is to back up to the QuickBooks site. There are other options available that we can discuss if needed.

When Do You Want to Meet Online?
That is up to you. I am very flexible and accessible. If you want to meet at 3:00 a.m, we can make that happen.

I charge $25.00 for the first 20 minutes at the beginning of our online meeting. The clock doesn't start until I start working. If additional time is needed it is charged in increments of 20 minutes for $20.00 (V/MC, Amex or PayPal please). If you decide you like me and want me to do more, you can buy blocks of time at a discounted rate starting at $60 per hour.

If you purchase blocks of time and have a simple question, there is a minimum time usage charged of 10 minutes. You might want to save a list of questions and wait until you have a few before contacting me for a more cost effective usage of block time.

PC Users: Windows 2000 or newer (XP, Vista), Mac Users: Version 10.4 or newer.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED—If I can't help you, there is no charge!